The Annual Newsletter of the International Reading Association's Phonics Special Interest Group

The Phonics Bulletin 2003 (complete PDF version)  

The International Reading Association's Phonics Special Interest Group was formed to provide a supportive forum where reading professionals with expertise in systematic, explicit phonics instruction could meet to share lesson plans and practice activities, plus discuss related topics such as phonemic awareness, word families/onsets/rimes, decodable print, dictation, phonics assessments, phonics resources, history of phonics, back-to-phonics reading reform initiatives, “new” phonics, and phonics research.

PLEASE JOIN: If you are a member of the International Reading Association, we urge you e-mail our secretary and ask her to add your name to our roster. E-mail Rochelle at Please provide your name, mailing address, and IRA membership number (printed on your IRA mailing labels). Any member of the International Reading Association may join this group. There is no Phonics Special Interest Group membership fee!

The IRA Phonics Special Interest Group prepares an annual peer-reviewed newsletter, The Phonics Bulletin, highlighting recent research on phonics, essays, and reviews of phonics-related publications. IRA’s Phonics Special Interest Group is not associated with, nor does it stem from any commercially published program or package.

Please explore our website. It's packed with information about phonics!

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The Phonics Bulletin 2004 (complete RTF version)
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